Thursday , August 17 2017

Jelly Bean already available for HTC One X in vanilla form

As always, the caveat of the Root and ROM process for your phone is done at your own risk!
Please don’t email us telling us you bricked your phone etc. If this is your first experience at flashing a ROM to your phone I cannot stress strongly enough how important it is to backup your data, read the forums for potential problems, fully educate yourself on the process first and finally…
Understand that this voids the warranty on your phone!

Onto the good news, the XDA team have already managed to get a functioning port of Jellybean onto the HTC One X. NB the One X, not the XL, not the S… the One X only at this time. There are known bugs in the ROM but nothing that affects the function of the phone functionality: Mainly WiFi, audio (music playback after investigating this quickly) and camera.

If you’re a One X owner and decide to bite the bullet, please let us know how you go!

Source: XDA Developers.

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3 Comments on "Jelly Bean already available for HTC One X in vanilla form"

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Valued Guest

What does vanilla form mean?

Valued Guest

In this context, Vanilla android would mean stock android how Google designed it without alterations which is how it looks and feels on Nexus devices like the Galaxy Nexus.

HTC usually slaps their Sense UI over vanilla android and changes the user experience.

Vijay Alapati
Valued Guest

pure update (like nexus) with no custom UI (like no htc sence)


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