Friday , April 28 2017

Vodafone Nexus S – Jelly Bean Challenge

We love to talk with Australian carriers regarding Android updates and so far Vodafone has been an excellent communicator in regards to what is happening with updates for their phones. When I reminded Vodafone yesterday that I still had my Nexus S and that the countdown to the Vodafone OTA update would begin when the official Jelly Bean image for the Nexus S hits the Google Dev page. They responded to the challenge:

Needless to say: Challenge Accepted. I’m so torn right now, I want Jelly Bean on my phones as soon as possible but to be able to get a phone to give away to you our readers would be super sweet as well.


Daniel Tyson   Editor at large

Dan is a die-hard Android fan. Some might even call him a lunatic. He's been an Android user since Android was a thing, and if there's a phone that's run Android, chances are he owns it (his Nexus collection is second-to-none) or has used it.

Dan's dedication to Ausdroid is without question, and he has represented us at some of the biggest international events in our industry including Google I/O, Mobile World Congress and IFA.

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Vodafone can be surprisingly cool at times.

    • Agreed. Support the hardcore Android lovers is always great 🙂

  • billchen0014 something doesn’t work? send me a message on twitter @billchen0014

  • billchen0014

    above is the link to a 100% working rom, and i am using it right now! try it out guys!

    • xperia user

      For xperia ray I meant

  • Alex

    Wow that is impressive. Can you make a similar challenge for the Galaxy Nexus too? If Vodafone push Jelly Bean to Galaxy Nexus owners in the next 2 weeks I’ll be very happy 🙂

    • billchen0014

      its already out

      • Alex

        There is definitely no OTA yet and I’m sure there isn’t even an official build for Vodafone Galaxy Nexus’s (though I’d be happy for you to prove me wrong). There are official builds for takju and yakju. Vodafone and most Australian Galaxy Nexus’s run yakjudv. Their updates come from Samsung, not Google. Vodafone has tweeted that Samsung are working on a Jelly Bean update now. Once Samsung have finished their testing then I think Vodafone tests it further. Hence the massive delay. I’ll be quite happy if said “massive delay” ends up being only 2 weeks.

        • Nathan

          Confirmed no OTA yet for VF G Nex

          • billchen0014

            yeah, if you’re rooted, there should be a port from takju or yakju, if not, it’s very easy to compile from source anyway, i dont have a GN, and this is about the NS anyway so

  • joss

    lol pity the can’t get it out to us note users, a or a eta

    • Nathan

      It’s not Vodafone’s fault, but you have to wait for Samsung to announce it. They advised the Galaxy SIII will be Q4 2012. By then, Note II will be out, and no doubt will ship with Jelly Bean, so who knows when they will upgrade the original Note, etc, etc.

  • vince

    I’m already using JB, ported ROM from GNex, on my Nexus S. It’s a great improvement, love it. Although Voice Search is still to be fix, can’t wait for the OTA from Google.

    • billchen0014

      voice search works fine for me,

      • vince

        What ROM are you using? (links…) the one in XDA does not have a functioning Voice Search due to missing libraries.

  • Skythe

    VF’s support for Android have made me hate them much less.

  • xperia user

    How about 2 weeks for xperia ics update?

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