Ausdroid Podcast 038 — Even Diabetics Can Enjoy Jellybeans — 17/07/2012

It was a big couple of weeks, mainly due to the continuing hype surrounding the Nexus 7 release/shipping. We go in-depth with the Nexus 7, along with Jelly Bean, we hit the Telstra T-Hub 2 upside the head and of course bring you our App Picks. Enjoy

Hosts: Lucas Burnett, Daniel Tyson and Geoff Fieldew.


App Round-Up

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About the author

Lucas manages the Ausdroid podcast, and is responsible for much of the graphic design around the place. Without his work, we'd look and sound a bit dull. When he’s not making everything more aesthetically pleasing, he is hosting and editing the... (read more)

  • gquattromani

    Great podcast boys, well done.

  • No_Underscore

    Gents, well done on getting the podcast turned around so fast, your poor cousins that listen to this after the fact appreciate it!!