Wednesday , March 29 2017

More official Nexus 7 accessories coming

EDIT Looks like the ‘Official’ tag being used for these is completely wrong, they’re actually from HipStreet.. Which makes the prices seem even more insanely over the top. Thanks to Droid-Life for the heads-up.

Looks like Asus and Google may be set to release a lot more official accessories for the Nexus 7 beyond the Dock and Leather folio case we saw the other day. MobileFun in the UK is showing off 5 different accessories including a Bluetooth Keyboard Case with integrated desk stand for $125USD, Folio Case with magnet inside for Smart Cover function for $62USD, Rotating Stand Case for $44USD, Oleophobic Screen Protector for $23USD and a Stand Case with no rotation for $36USD.

[nggallery id=138]

Can I just be the first to say nice looking accessories but shame about the price, I know that the screen protector will be good quality and being oleophobic means it repels finger prints but $23USD is a bit rich, however even at these prices I’m still eyeing off the Bluetooth Keyboard case. You can actually jump onto the MobileFun website to add your order for the accessories but they are still listed as ‘Not Released’.

This launch of accessories for the Nexus 7 is getting a little tiring, I’m sick of throwing cash at my monitor yelling ‘Take my money’ I would love some actual dates from Asus. Anyone else tempted by these accessories even at these prices or are you tiring of the lack of detailed info and looking at third party accessory options from eBay and Amazon?

Check out our range of Google Nexus 7 by Asus accessories at the Ausdroid Shop.

Source: MobileFun, and SlashGear.

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  • Louie Hannen

    You’re being used for free advertising based on false claims. Asus has nothing to do with those, and they can be ordered now for much less from elsewhere.

  • I’ve pretty much succumbed to the fact that if it’s not an iDevice, then 3rd party accessories is all you can really hope for. The strange thing is, I know people who only buy the iDevices because of the plethora of accessories that are readily available at retail stores. It would be nice to see companies like Belkin expand their range, especially as the Nexus has been so darned popular.

    • Daniel Tyson

      Belkin indicated via Twitter to me that they are looking into accessories for the Nexus 7 and to stay tuned

  • Dash

    All very pretty but I still won’t be buying a Nexus 7 or any accessories until there is some action on reported touchscreen issues.

    • What issue?? I dont have one

    • Greg

      What issue? I _do_ have one.

    • pete

      I have an Nexus 7, and i have not touchscreen issues or ‘ghosting’. The thing has worked perfectly as advertised. You will always find a few people (the 1%) who have problems with their device voicing their issue online.

    • gutenmuach

      I dont have that issue…. *chuckle* you are missing out lemme tell you………

    • Tb

      He is referring to a slight screen separation between outer bezel and glass. It is pretty common, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the above do have it but have not noticed it. I have it but its so minimal that I don’t really care – didn’t even know I had it until the xda posts started being populated. Still worth the money, device rocks, especially running morfics Trinity kernal. My god battery use is right down, still testing but think Ill stick with Liquid Rom for the long haul.

      For reading digital comics and consuming print and video media on the couch, 7′ quad core is the way to go. With an OTG adapter and stickmount, who cares about low internal storage… USB sticks are cheap and light so perfect for travelling.

  • Anything non-leathery out there? A rotating case would be sweet!

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