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It’s with good grace that I happily accept defeat, Vodafone has delivered -for real this time. Vodafone Nexus S customers are currently receiving the Jelly Bean OTA upgrade on their handsets as we speak, if you haven’t yet received it go to Settings > About Phone > Check For Updates and you should receive a prompt to install but it is a staggered rollout so don’t be alarmed if you haven’t got it just yet. Vodafone have delivered pretty well despite the early setback. Big thanks to the Vodafone software team and in particular Kieran Mcilwain for this one, it’s been a lot of fun.

The terms of the challenge, was that Vodafone would deliver Jelly Bean to the Nexus S within two weeks of the Factory images appearing on the Google Developer page. If they did so, I would have a picture taken wearing their Vodafone Speaks Android lanyard holding my Nexus S running Jelly Bean, if they lost however they were going to send me a Galaxy Mini 2 to review and give away. Google updated the page on Saturday July 28th and so Vodafone has won with almost 48 hours to spare, not bad at all.

I will of course fulfill my end of the bargain, a photo will be supplied of me in my Ausdroid hoodie wearing the Vodafone Speaks Android lanyard holding my Nexus S running Jelly Bean. Vodafone and Kieran have also been great sports and will be supplying the Galaxy Mini 2 for us to review and give away to you guys even though they won, so big kudos go to them.

For details on Jelly Bean Vodafone has provided a blog update which contains all the information about the release, or you could give my own Jelly Bean review a read. Either way enjoy your Buttery smooth Jelly Bean on your Nexus S and once again, thank you to Vodafone and Kieran for being such good sports.

Companies: Vodafone
Devices: Nexus S