Heads up on a sort of special, Splashtop has just released Splashtop 2 HD and for a limited time it’s free of charge. It’s going to go to a paid yearly subscription service but for now it’s free so not a bad chance to try it out and see what it’s like.

Just saw a game in the market called

I use a combination of Google Calendar, Latitude, Google Talk and various other non-Google apps to syncronise schedules etc with my wife but there is a new app called

If you know of a good app you’d like to share or see an app on sale that you feel is a good deal, let me know by tweeting me or emailing me

Apps On-Sale Today : SwitchMe is a unique application for root users that allows you to log in and out of multiple user accounts just as you would on a desktop computer, with each profile having its own separate system settings, apps and data. Enjoy your commute!! Car Cast Pro, an easy to use podcast downloader/player. Basically I created Car Cast for my own use and shared it with anyone who wanted it. Some people find Car Cast makes them happy and they wanted an easy way to say thanks. So I created Pro. Please only buy pro if you already love Car Cast. There is no difference between Car Cast and Pro (just the absense of Ads.) N/A The enemy has launched its largest offensive yet and we must hold our positions at all costs. To defend this hill, you are but three and they are more than a thousand! It’s practically a suicide mission, but you are the best and our whole army is counting on you. The enemy is approaching, increasing in number and hell-bent on reducing your position to ashes. It’s up to you show them our worth! Pop! Pop! Pop! Enjoy a classic bubble popping game with a twist. Aces® Bubble Popper includes three different game modes for tons of bubble popping fun! Attempt to burst all the bubbles in the Classic mode or race the clock to pop the required number of bubbles with the Timed mode. Control and monitor mobile internet What APNDROID does: Prevents unwanted data charges for limited data plans. Allows you to manage mobile data settings to prolong battery life. Puts you in control of your internet usage. This is an unlocker for the full version of BIG! caller ID. After installing it, you’ll no longer be limited to 5 active contacts, and ads will disappear. You need to have a free version installed before purchasing. Beautify your caller ID screen! Set a full-screen photo for your friends and enjoy vivid and high definition caller photos. Connect with Facebook to download friends photos. Capture photos and panoramas like a pro with the ProCapture camera app. ProCapture adds advanced features to the Android camera experience. Multiple advanced camera shooting modes supported: Timer, Burst, Reduced Noise, Wide Shot and Panorama. A.I.type’s revolutionary keyboard will help you type faster and better! *** 1 Million Celebration SALE (limited time only) – 60% off *** LDS Scriptures Premium includes the scriptures, publications, hymns and audio.

LDS Scriptures Premium includes text & audio of the Scriptures, Study Helps, Hymns (Text, Music, Audio), Manuals, Magazines, Pamphlets & features Bookmarks, Notes, Highlighting, Search, Background Skins, Trivia Game & more!

  • Greg

    Hah, Splashtop is being crucified in the comments because iOS buyers get lifetime access, while Android buyers have to buy again next year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brianhislop Brian Hislop

    Hey Daniel,

    I think you’ve started posting articles to both the regular RSS feed and the podcast RSS feed?? Just a heads-up!

    • Daniel Tyson

      Cheers, Just checked the Podcast feed : http://ausdroid.net/feed/podcast/ and couldn`t see it, where did you see it just so I can double check?

      • http://www.facebook.com/brianhislop Brian Hislop

        Hmm. Now I’m unsure of what I’m smokin’.

        I’m using that rss feed in Google Reader and it is showing podcasts until August 1st, then it jumps to August 9th and starts showing everything from the site (from “Acer Iconia A501 – Ice Cream Sandwich update being received now” on … yet when I go to the podcast url direct and download the XML, it is just the correct podcast XML file, without the new stuff showing up. I have no idea :(