Saturday , January 21 2017

Droidax Powerpack for Samsung Galaxy SIII – First Impressions

While I’ve only had the power pack in my hands for less than 24 hours, I feel compelled to post and tell everyone how damned impressive it is!

Many of you know I’m involved with the State Emergency Service here in SA and yesterday we had a rather large storm event that came through the region. Yeah great, who cares?! I did…
I was the duty officer for my unit when the storm hit and in events like that your phone goes off constantly. Despite the genuinely ridiculous number of phone calls I received: Thanks to the power pack, I didn’t need to find mains power until late in the evening when I got home.

I use an app called CallTrack which logs all calls to my Google Calendar, each purple event is a phone call through the storm event: so you can see how much of a hammering my phone got.

Needless to say, my first impression is very good for this powerpack and for the purpose it was built for it certainly hits the mark. I am impressed! Well done Droidax you saved my backside yesterday – Thank you!

A full review will be online in a couple of weeks once I’ve had some quality time with the device and I’ve got 2 to give away to our readers, so stay tuned!


Phil Tann   Principal Associate

  • Are you using a stock rom though? the stock roms tend to be bloated and drain the battery way more than a developer cooked rom will

    • Phil Tann

      Yes I am on stock ROM at the moment, I TRY to stay stock for 12 months with new phones to see how the other half live! 😉

      But I still usually get a full day of battery, that was an absolute FLOGGING though.

  • Gerard Dunning

    Expensive! 3500mAh versions on ebay for half the price

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