ASUS have announced the Australian availability of their Nexus 7 Travel Covers just in time for Father’s Day, albeit in an extremely small post on their Facebook page. The colours available are Pink, Light Gray, Teal, Yellow, Green and Dark Gray, with not all the colours being available from the looks at this stage. Pricing is around the $25-$30 mark. You can find them at JB Hi-Fi, The Good Guys, EB Games and a number of selected ASUS retailers. Let us know in the comments if you pick one up.

Check out our range of Google Nexus 7 by Asus accessories at the Ausdroid Shop.

Source(s): ASUS (Facebook)
  • Melad Javadi

    These cases have already been out for quite some time..

    • Aliff Abdullah

      True, but hopefully this means they’ll be easier to find.

    • Lucas Burnett

      Correct, but it’s now “official” :)

      • Lee Davis

        What does that “mean”?

  • springah

    no magnet, no care.

    • Jamesz Zhang

      saw the review video on youtube this case is pointless the flap doesnt close properly and its waste of money

  • Paul Boonyarungsrit

    too expensive… $10-15 on ebay for unofficial case with magnet cover.

  • Anon

    Still going to wait for that Leather one that was leaked a little while ago.

  • gutenmuach

    srsly, i have been to so many jb hifi in Perth Metro area, none of them has it…. this is shit man… have you seen the ipad’s cover aisles?? they have got 1 aisle full…

    • Jamesz Zhang

      hahah i so agree with u there my local jb hifi in nsw macquarie north ryde store has an entire section dedicated to apple stuff and ipad accessories alone has got 2 aisles

  • Anthonaut

    Still haven’t been able to find one in Adelaide. The time between the tablet’s release and the availability of accessories is starting to get a bit ridiculous.

  • flash

    I now have a scratch right in the middle of the screen thanks to lack of covers available for over a month and counting since I got my nexus. Can someone please tell me why we shouldnt just buy iPads??? How hard is it to give Asus and Google my money for official accessories? Once again, this difference in service is why apple are dominating.