Looks like Google has rolled out a new section in the Google Play store called ‘Recommended For You’ I’ve seen this rolling around on my Nexus 7 as a widget for a while but looks like it has come to the rest of the Play Store, it appears to base the apps on apps which are ‘Popular in your area’, ‘+1’d by your friends’ based on that I can see why the above screenshots would be recommending the AFL and Telstra apps, as I neither watch AFL nor use Telstra but it’s a good start and I love to discover new apps so I’ll give it a shot, see what your recommended for you section has, is there any good apps you hadn’t discovered before?

Source(s): Droid Life
  • Him

    Just wait until Apple get ahold of this idea! I reckon they’ll call ‘Genius’ or something…

  • deanomalino

    Found an Alf Stewart sound board using this! Hahahah! xD