Thursday , March 30 2017

BlurryCam strikes again – Mysterious HTC device does the rounds

When the BlurryCam comes around you know it means one of two things – one, someone’s photoshopped up a nice image, or two, someone’s actually leaked some photos of a soon-to-be released device.

This looks a bit like the latter. Very distinctively, this phone has HTC’s style all over it — not to mention the HTC logo on the front &mdash and a Beats Audio logo on the rear. It also sports a fancy red highlight on the sides of the device, leading some to speculate that the device might be headed to Verizon in the US (known for their red branding).

I find myself being reminded of the HTC One line of phones – the casing is certainly very similar, leading me to think that this is a variant of the HTC One line probably heading to a carrier that hasn’t had one previously. That’s the theory fancied by The Verge, and I have to say it’s fairly convincing. They say:

Verizon users pining for a high-end HTC One-series phone have had to make due with the decidedly less-appealing Droid Incredible 4G LTE. If this phone ends up being legitimate, those users might just have something to look forward to.

There has been speculation elsewhere around the web that this could be a specially-made device, by HTC, for Beats by Dre. BGR reported that HTC was making such a phone, and that it would be without an HTC logo — this, to me, says these blurry shots are not of this phone – it has an HTC logo right on the front, same as every other HTC phone.


Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • vijay alapati

    it slightly looks like EVO 4G LTE model, hope it has SD slot and removable battery

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