Monday , May 2 2016

Android: 1.3m activations per day, and 480m activations over all

The announcement of new Motorola devices wasn’t the only thing to come out of Motorola’s event today. Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google (which owns Motorla), took the stage at the beginning of the event and gave us some new information about Android activations — in short, they’re remarkable!

Every day that goes by, 1.3 million Android devices are activated. That might sound impressive, but considering this figure was one million at the end of June, things have really picked up. There’s only one device that springs to mind that could be responsible for this surge in activations.

1.3 million Android devices are being activated each and every day…

Schmidt also announced that total Android activations have reached a startling 480 million. Half a billion — yes, billion — isn’t far off – maybe a few weeks. This figure has more than doubled since January this year.

Tablet figures aren’t as impressive, with only 70,000 activations per day, but this is hardly surprising — Android tablets have not really been all that exciting until more recently, but you’d have to expect that devices like the Nexus 7 and Samsung’s latest tablet offerings are going to help this along a bit.


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  • Have we ever found out what they class as an activation?
    Does a factory reset class as a new activation?
    Does installing a new ROM calls as an activation?
    I wonder if the figures are skewed.

    • It’s a unique deviceID accessing the Play Store. Same ID across new ROMs that you flash, and is the reason why devices that don’t access the play store (eg. Kindle Fire) aren’t included.

      • Matt

        And is only included once in the statistics.. before someone asks that question 🙂

  • Cii

    First off, “That might sound impressive, but considering this figure was one million at the end of June, things have really picked up.” … wut?

    Second, is that billion with a “B” ?