Thursday , April 27 2017

Motorola and Intel launch the Motorola RAZR i, 2GHz Intel CPU inside (updated: video)

Motorola and Intel have today announced a device that they’ve called the biggest device since the launch of the original Motorola RAZR — wow, what a call. The Motorola RAZR i features 4.3-inch edge-to-edge AMOLED display with zero touch-response time. The device is powered by a — as far as we can tell, it’s single core — 2GHz Intel CPU built on 32nm architecture.

The device was designed by both teams at Motorola and Intel. It’s super strong, and will give users a full day of battery life — there was a lot of emphasis at the live event in London.

Intel have said that they’ve spent years optimising Android to the point where it’s completely fluid. We can see the web browsing on the demo is extremely smooth; they say the JavaScript has been optimised to run buttery smooth.

Motorola have praised the camera, showing that it can take 10 photos a second when you need to. That’s faster than most DSLRs according to the company.

Something exciting for developers is that all the RAZR i’s will have unlockable bootloaders. What a turn around that has been for Motorola, formally a company that wanted nothing to do with unlocking bootloaders. Thank goodness for Google, eh?

How about those specs:

  • 4.3-inch AMOLED Edge-to-edge Display with zero touch-response time
  • 2GHz single-core Intel ATOM CPU
  • 8MP rear camera
  • Android 4.0 (yep, 4.1 is going to be a future update
  • Kevlar backing, Gorilla Glass front
  • A battery that lasts all day, whatever that means.


Buzz Moody  

  • Damon Lewis

    Zero touch response time…tell me more.

  • 4.3in screen witth on screen buttons…hmmm…wonder if i could go back to a 4.3in screen after the gnex. Unlockable sounds good though

  • GreviousMcG

    I’ll be interested to see a hand on review of this device. I’m pretty curious about this Intel CPU.

    On the BBC website, it says that Chrome won’t come as pre-installed on this device:

    “Chrome is not ready for pre-loading on this device,” acknowledged Jim Wicks, senior vice president of consumer experience design at Motorola.”
    “We don’t want to do that unless we have complete chipset optimisation at that level.”
    The firm markets the Chrome as having “hardware-accelerated page rendering” on ARM-based chips.

    Geez, these things get complicated does it??

    • Matt

      Yeah considering the CPU in my phone is the last thing I want to do. I just want fast.

  • mike d

    Unlocked bootloader hey? Whatever happened to the unlockable bootloader the last razr was supposed to get? Last I checked that turned out to be BS

  • Greg

    Not sure about this one but the original single-core Atom processors provide hyperthreading which can help improve responsiveness over conventional single-core designs, couple it with a nice GPU and it shouldn’t give too much away to a dual-core ARM.

    The question is can it do anything interesting that couldn’t be done by a nice dual-core ARM?

  • Frank Benign

    Is it qHD and pentile?

  • I hope they do not price this like other flagship phones. Interesting to see the battery life, if it is like a razor maxx I’m in.

  • Richard

    Not to launch with Jellybean – what a joke. Samsung have two products out right now with JB – the Note 2 and GSII 4G. No wonder they are winning and Motorola are losing.

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