Thursday , April 27 2017

HTC working on a 5-inch Nexus device? GSM Arena thinks so.

GSM Arena has reported a tip off, received from one of their own tipsters funnily enough, about the next possible phone in the Nexus brand coming from HTC. This tipster suggests that the 5″ HTC “phablet” which we’ve been following could become the Google Nexus 5, running Android 4.1.2. This release of Android should include a number of bug fixes and tweaks beyond the current release of Jelly Bean.

This Nexus 5 is claimed to have a 1080p screen, quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Pro SoC with LTE support, and a 12MP main camera with 2MP front-facing camera. GSM Arena reports that the phone will have a “super slim design”, a 2500 mAh battery, and up to 64GB internal storage.

There could well be something to this rumour – there are certainly other manufacturers rumoured to be working on devices with similar specs, such as the Oppo device and Asus Padfone 2.

Beyond this, there’s nothing suggesting whether Google will sell this through its own channels (like it has with previous Nexus models the Nexus One and Nexus 7), but it looks like some powerful hardware could be around the corner soon, with very fresh Android 4.1.2 to boot.

Source: GSM Arena.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • Damon Lewis

    Sounds like a pipe dream based off the nexus line history (ie. Not top of the line hardware)

    • The Nexus One?
      Also it’s not like the Galaxy Nexus was a slouch. They dropped a 720p screen and used the fastest chip available at the time.

      This time Quad Core S4’s are available and I would be shocked based on modem support and the rumours of multiple manufactures if they are not used in the next nexus’s.

  • aryonoco

    The Snapdragon S4 Pro is not a MSM8960 Pro (such a device doesn’t exist). It’s a APQ8064 (only the processor without integrated modem) plus a separate MDM961modem.Yes it is a quad core Krait processor with Adreno 320 and LTE. You can look at the performance of the newly announced LG Optimus G (anandtech has a good preview) to see how it performs.

    For the record, I really doubt that Google would work with Qualcomm again on a Nexus device. Qualcomm is notoriously difficult when it comes to open source and they don’t want to release their drivers as open source, and with the Nexus line, Google wants to push as much drivers as is possible into AOSP and so they prefer open source drivers, so I’m pretty sure the next Nexus will indeed use a TI OMAP 4470.

    Also, HTC has not forgotten the pitiful sale numbers of the Nexus One. I know there are internal discussions within HTC on whether they should do another Nexus, but I don’t think the decision has been made yet.

    • The Qualcomm MSM8960 Pro actually does exist in Qualcomm’s Snapdragon documentation, I checked – but you’re right, most likely they’re shipping the parts as a separate APQ8064 and MDM baseband chips, for now.
      I put no weight into Google wanting open source drivers for the Nexus devices – they chose NVIDIA of all companies to make the Nexus 7, and we all know how much Linus Torvalds has praised them for their openness. 😉
      Also, to the writer of this article, thanks for paraphrasing my article on Android Australia. Next time, make it less obvious? 😛

      • aryonoco

        I know many tech websites have talked of a MSM8960 Pro, but I actually can’t find any reference to such a chip on Qualcomm’s own website. Earlier in the year when Qualcomm released the new Krait chips, they mentioned that a “pro” version would be coming by the end of the year, and as the original Krait chip was a MSM8960, everyone started calling the Pro version the MSM8960 Pro, which is wrong. My understanding is that currently the Snapdragon S4 Pro will be a combination of a APQ8064 + MDM961.

        Obviously later on (probably in the first half of 2013) they will release a combined integrated version (which will get a MSM part number from Qualcomm) but that won’t be a 8960, it will get a different number.

        • Link to PDF in Qualcomm’s developer portal containing reference to MSM8960 Pro:

          • aryonoco

            First of all, I stand corrected and kudos for finding that.

            But I hope you can understand my confusion, no other Qualcomm product has a ‘Pro’ suffix in it so I thought the naming was way off. Just as I thought I had understood Qualcomm’s nomenclature (with the MSM MDM and APQ), they muddy the waters by throwing in a ‘pro’ suffix in there!

            Anyway, this 8960 Pro seems to be dual core Krait, but with Adreno 320 so I would expect the APQ8064 + MDM961 to outperform it, at least in well threaded applications. But this should provide better battery life considering that it’s an integrated solution.

            Interesting to see what the majority of OEMs go for.

      • We have our own news sources and discover/find news by our own means. I must stress that we do not source information from Android Australia (a website that sourced its name from us anyway). We too have a big community who regularly tip us off to hot news stories and we cover them accordingly.

        As both Ausdroid and Android Australia operate within a relatively small community it is quite likely for us to cover very similar pieces of news. That’s just the breaks.

        • Josh Berg

          As the founder of Android Australia ( I thought I’d pop in here to straighten things out.

          We are in no way affiliated (by name or other) with Ausdroid. I hope that clears things up.

  • Alan Lin

    Although I’d love for this to be true, I really doubt it will happen. The main reason behind my scepticism is the inclusion of the three capacitive button at the bottom of the device, which is a deviation from the on screen buttons on the GNex

    • True.. no way will google develop a device with buttons again. But maybe it’ll be a slight alteration of this device?

  • Frank Benign


  • pat

    Take my money

  • dave

    hmm I would prefer it under 5 inches, but as long as it has a micro SD slot!

  • vijay alapati

    cool….all i need is a SD card slot, better battery like 3000 mAh, and must look like one x with edge to edge display on both dimensions 🙂

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