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We received a tip this morning that Optus has begun rolling out Android 4.0.4 to its HTC One X devices.

Optus’ Update List still shows 4.0.4 as pending manufacturer deployment at the time of writing.

The big change in 4.0.4 for the One X is the change to how the system handles the Menu button for old apps. Previously, running an old / non-ICS app would result in an ugly onscreen “black bar” menu key. This update instead maps the function into the Recent Apps / Multitasking key so apps can now use the full screen.

HTC’s previous advice on this update also lists these changes:

  • improved tab management in the browser via a dedicated tab switching button
  • enhanced camera capabilities (white balance, continuous autofocus)
  • enhancements to memory, platform stability and the overall browsing experience

Have you received this update? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Companies: HTC, and Optus