Saturday , March 25 2017

Video: This is what happens when you run the USSD exploit on the Samsung Galaxy S II

If you wanted to see if that factory reset from the browser exploit is actually a thing, then watch the video below — it’s kind of mind blowing to think this is possible. The issue is clearly there on the Galaxy S II, however, the Galaxy S III is immune from this exploit from within the browser, but can happen via NFC, apparently.

Trevor Long from EFTM filmed the video below, showing a normal Samsung Galaxy S II reading a QR Code which sends it into the browser which has the exploit embedded on it. Straight away the factory reset screen comes up; giving you not even a second to yank the battery out to stop the process. Scary stuff.

Trevor has also confirmed that installing Dialer One and setting it as the default dialer on the Galaxy S II does stop this exploit from occuring.

Source: EFTM.

Buzz Moody  

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