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It turns out that the Samsung Galaxy S III 4G from Telstra might be arriving a little earlier than we thought. Telstra have launched the online store page for the Galaxy S III 4G, however, delivery is expected within the next 5-9 days — by then it will be available in stores around that October 9th date we reported yesterday.

Pricing for the Galaxy S III 4G on Telstra will start at $66/mo, or you can get it for $0 on their $80/mo plan which includes 1.5GB of mobile data (including 4G). It will be the first Samsung device to launch on Telstra to run Android 4.1, the latest and greatest version. Specs are very similar to its 3G brother, except for more RAM, a larger battery, and, of course, a 4G modem.

Will you be grabbing one of these from Telstra?

Source: Telstra.
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