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The announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note II in late August got quite a few people I know excited and we’ve received many requests for information about when the phone/phablet/tweener will launch here in Australia on one of the 4G Networks here in Australia. From Mobicity and Kogan the 3G only version is available as low as $649 from Kogan but the 4G LTE version eluded us.

Well, we’ve just had a tip from someone regarding the LTE version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II. They’ve advised that Optus has already tested the phone on their LTE network and are hoping to possibly launch in December, it may be an Optus exclusive at launch but nothing is confirmed at this stage. No word on pricing/plans or anything at this stage but this would make an excellent Christmas present for some people I know.

Samsung certainly improved the specs on the Note II offering a slightly larger non-pentile 5.5″HD screen with improved touch response, they also upgraded CPU to a Quad-Core 1.6GHz CPU and added 2GB of RAM but it’s the 4G LTE radio that has been the feature most people so far have asked for, so are you excited for a 4G LTE Galaxy Note II on Optus?

Companies: Optus, and Samsung
Devices: Galaxy Note 2