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I’ve had two major complaints about the Play Store for a while – firstly, that it didn’t have expandable notifications for Jellybean; and secondly, that the Store wouldn’t remember where you were in lists after searching. The first complaint is more an oddity, but the second was a frustrating bug that had been around for far too long. Thankfully, the latest update to the Play Store, version 3.9.16, has fixed both of these complaints, remembering your position in lists, and bringing detailed update notifications to Jellybean users.

The new Play Store has some cool new features as well. You can now remove applications from your ‘My Apps’ list, so that lame application you downloaded 5 years ago and used once can finally be banished once and for all. Also, the icon displayed in the notification area when you finish downloading an application is now the application’s icon, rather than the generic package icon. So that’s pretty neat.

You can download the apk here if you don’t want to wait for it to update automatically.

Source: OMG Droid!.