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We have been speculating on the existence of multiple Nexus devices since the Wall Street Journal posted an article in May saying that up to five manufacturers would be releasing Nexus class devices this year but so far we have mainly seen the LG Nexus 4 but over at XperiaBlog they have been pointed to a couple of photos on Picassa which show a device which looks very much like a Sony Xperia Device with stock Android running on it.

The photos come from a Picassa account owned by one Mutul Yeter and the URL as you can see contains the words Sony Nexus X. Take a look at the other photo that was uploaded to the account :

From looking at the photos, I can say that the back of the phone just has Google on it rather than the ‘With Google’ seen on the supposed LG Nexus 4 which is promising. The screenshot of the front of the device showing the OS does show the stock Android Browser icon and not Chrome which is the included browser with Jelly Bean and presumably any future incarnations of Android that would be on a Nexus class device.

Could possibly just be someone setting up a hoax, but really any chance of a Sony Nexus and I’m willing to chase that dream to keep it alive. Anyone else be excited for a Sony Nexus X?

Source: XperiaBlog.
Thanks: TheVerge.
Companies: Google, and Sony