Thursday , March 30 2017

Will Microsoft bring music to Android before Google?

Google Music was launched in the United States almost a year ago, and it has still not come to Australia. By comparison, Microsoft announced yesterday that Xbox Music would be available on Xbox 360 starting today, and will come to Windows at the end of the month. And even though Android is a significant obstacle for Microsoft’s neat new Windows Phone 8 platform, they have announced that Android users will be able to access Xbox Music, and an application is expected early next year.

Xbox Music seems like a neat concept, not too different from Spotify, even coming in at the exact same $11.99 per month for unlimited streaming, and a free, ad-supported version streaming for Windows PCs and tablets. But its integration with Windows 8 and the Xbox, as well as its sizable music library of over 30 million songs might make it a winner for me. Also, in direct competition with iTunes, you will be able to buy tracks permanently without a subscription. I don’t know why Google isn’t working harder to make Google Play Music available internationally, but I assume they just don’t want our money.

Source: Microsoft.

James Finnigan  

  • mobuksh


  • Evan

    “but I assume they just don’t want our money” – definitely seems that way!

  • Ray

    I had a rant session on Android Central’s Google+ post regarding Xbox Music yesterday.

    It’s ridiculous that Apple has done it for years, Microsoft is now doing it better then ever, and Google still can’t get their service outside US borders even after a year. It’s frustrating to say the least.

    I’m actually really starting to become slightly fed up with all these Google services such as Music and Wallet – two highly sought after services/products, among others, only being available to those that live in the US. I’d take on both products in an instant if they were available here and I dare say I’m not the only one.

    I really like Android and for that matter, Google. But this continuous half-assed release of products that never see the outside of US borders is slowly but surely pushing me away. It’s a slap in the face every time Google release something new.

    Just earlier today I was a talking to someone in the office about Windows Phone 8 and tablets. This could be the turning point for me. It was the first time I’ve actually seriously thought about switching from Android to Windows (it’s very scary, I know!). Having my home PC, tablet, phone – all tightly integrated with each other, all running the same OS – it’s a huge selling point, at least for me anyway.

    I’ll be watching Windows 8 and related products very closely over the next 6 to 12 months and if Android/Google don’t sort out whatever issues they are having, that switch from Android to Windows will become a lot more serious.

    Maybe Google need to cut back on the massive amount of products they are working on at the moment and focus on actually releasing current products to the rest of the world, or at least show some progress in doing so.

    My $0.02 anyway.

  • I like the option of being able to buy music as well as stream it.. personally I used to use Google music and had all my music stored in there. Have switched to mog as it is unmettered by Telstra and with them crippling data allowances this is important for me. There are so many options out there…if only they all had access to all albums.

  • Topfeck

    Yep. Think i will be going with windows 8 and xbox music.
    Bought a nexus 7 and am very disapoited google think australia is 2 class to everywhere else. Big woho with ‘google now’ but only realy any good in US. Sport,weather,transport and directions all suck in Aust, so whats it good for?

  • cam

    It is honestly ridiculous that Google music has not come out to Australia. It is obvious that they have not attempted to implement music, they thought movies would be what we wanted, but music, awwww no. *sigh*

  • It makes you wonder if Google truly understands global platform ecosystems. Sure Google lead the way with cloud services, but Microsoft and Apple are quickly catching up and may soon overtake Google. Why? Both Microsoft and Apple also have successful global models in platform ecosystems for multimedia, and that is what is shared more than documents and appointments.

    I enjoyed my time with Windows Phone and Zune/Xbox Live/Microsoft Account connected services, with my only reservation being available apps. If Google don’t roll out their complete offerings soon emerging markets may take up Windows Phone, having tasted Xbox and Windows 8 media.

  • its a little sore point for myself as well. Not sure what’s taking google music so long to be introduced here but I’m starting to get a little annoyed. To the point were I’m really considering a Windows phone as I refuse to get iPhone. Especially a HTC 8x. Be nice if we could get it explained by google as to what the delay is.

  • Christopher Salmon

    I used a proxy to sign up for a Play Music account shortly after it was open in the US and I’ve been loving it ever since. The only limitation is not being able to purchase songs, but I’ve been streaming my massive music collection for quite some time now and it’s quickly becoming more convenient than my iPod Classic.

    • Greg

      They closed the proxy loophole after about 3 weeks 🙁 They check your google account’s location – with address, credit card etc,…

  • derp

    Once xbox music/zune becomes available multiplatform im definetely swapping from spotify. Thats been the biggest drawback of it so far and if they fix it up ill be swapping.

    Just for the fact you get music videos on your xbox with your playlists.

    Plus im not overly impressed with spotifys edm selection. A lot of artists missing.

  • Nick Bryant

    Nothing short of a disgrace. If Google continue to treat everyone outside the U.S. as a second class citizen, then they will find their market share quickly eroded as people’s favorite apps become available on WP8.

  • Alex

    Almost feel like getting xbox music to say a big *stuff u* to google for treating non-US market as second class. I think its safe to say that most android users who know about google music are quite dissapointed with google right now. And while they are sitting there twiddling their thumbs, other companies like microsoft and spotify are swooping up android users. By the time google music releases (if it ever does) there will be so many other services that people are using that they wont be able to win them over, then we will be the ones laughing at google.

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