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We know all too well the turmoil and angst that pending updates for your precious handset can cause, the dreaded “check for update” button returning the result that your device is up to date, when you know it isn’t!

We know that the Nexus S update has been approved and rollout has started, we know that Vodafone have received the Jellybean update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 and we know that Galaxy Nexus owners are unfortunately going to have to wait a while.

Well, while you wait for your updates, Vodafone have given Ausdroid readers some Jellybean loving!

Simply be amongst the first 50 readers to email competitions(at)Ausdroid(dot)net with the phrase
“Show me some Vodafone Jellybean Lovin” as the subject and your name and address in the email content and you’ll receive a lovely bag of Jellybeans to enjoy from Vodafone and Ausdroid.

We’re astounded by the number of responses and the 50 bags of Jellybeans are more than spoken for, so unfortunately we need to close this giveaway.

Thanks to everyone who responded asking for some Jellybean Lovin’

Thanks: Vodafone Australia.
Companies: Vodafone