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Looks like the Nexus 10 is also pretty much official, the manual for the tablet has been leaked over at Korean blog Seeko. Showing a very curvy body that appears to share some design aspects of the Note 10.1 which makes sense as it’s supposed to be manufactured by Samsung. The Nexus 10 is rumoured to have a very high res screen at 2560×1600 so it doesn’t appear to be a slouch in that department although no other specifications are listed.

It appears we’re pretty definite for at least 2 of the devices that were listed for the launch at next weeks ‘Playground is Open’ event, the Nexus 4 has been pretty much thoroughly leaked including pricing and now the manual for the Nexus 10, now we just have to wait for further information on the Nexus 7 32GB variants to leak and we’ll be done. Anyone interested in a 10″ Nexus tablet?

Source: Reddit, and Seeko.
Companies: Google, and Samsung
Devices: Nexus 10