As we saw the other day with the 8GB Version, the 16GB Version now has a status of ‘Coming Soon’ in the Google Play Store. Signs are ripe for a release of the 32GB version which has been outed, priced and even purchased, everything but officially announced by Google so far. No reason has been given at this stage as to why the 16GB version has been set to this status as yet but we’ll keep a keen eye out for a possible 32GB version in Wi-Fi and 3G to launch as well as a price drop on the 16GB version.

Source(s): Android Police, and Google Play
  • Jc

    How do I see this on the play store? It doesn’t come up… Confused?

    • Daniel Tyson

      Click on the Google Play link in the source.

      Go to > Devices > 16GB

      Or Cllick this link to go direct :

      • Jc

        For some reason I don’t get devices? It only shows Apps Magazines Books Movies.. Do I have to be running jellybean? I thanks

      • Daniel Tyson

        Ahh, you mean in the Play Store app on your phone? Devices still don’t show up there, has to be in a web browser

      • Jc

        Thanks Daniel!

      • Jc

        Still can’t see it.. I only get
        Thanks for reply…

  • derp

    I dont get it? I thought the 16gb model would continue to be available at perhaps a lower price? Bit strange if they just have a 32gb after all this time.

    • Daniel Tyson

      Most likely just being pulled so they can re-do the pricing.

      Probably trying to stop people ordering so that when the 16GB version drops in price, they aren’t hit with a whole host of people complaining of being gypped by purchasing the 16GB at the higher price.

      • Andrew Brokenshire

        They might be updating it with android 4.2 as well.