Telstra OTA update delays for HTC and Samsung devices

Around a month ago we reported on the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Telstra Samsung Galaxy S II 4G being delayed.

Fast forward one month and Telstra have just made another announcement regarding the update – via a community forum post. It seems Samsung have once again delayed the OS update due to “requirement for a mandatory update of the Google components of the software to meet Google certification requirements.”

This delay is also affects the Telstra Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9″ Ice Cream Sandwich update and the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean Update. There’s no word on any specific dates when we can expect Telstra to finally push the updates out to the public at this stage.

And it’s not just Samsung causing Telstra headaches. Telstra also announced – via another community forum post – that the eagerly awaited HTC One XL and HTC One S Jelly Bean updates have been delayed, though they anticipate the Android 4.1 updates will still be available “before end-2012″.

And Anyone still running the Telstra HTC Desire S will be disappointed, as HTC have cancelled plans for an Ice Cream Sandwich update for the device, and so no further platform updates can be expected.

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  • cjschris

    Shame to see no improvement with Android updates, especially since Apple can release an update worldwide in a day. Surely Samsung or HTC could do the same, since it’s carriers delaying this. If not, Google must be the problem.

    • Tim

      aS i SAID ABOVE .. It sounds like to me it’s more of a Telstra problem than a Samsung / HTC one! A bloatware issue … A nice way to pass the blame though …

    • Craig Rathbone

      The S2 has got this release on carriers elsewhere. Sammy and Google are not the speedbumps in the equation

  • Chris

    Still waiting to see the promised ICS update for HTC Sensation – will _never_ buy an HTC again.

  • Tim

    It sounds like to me it’s more of a Telstra problem than a Samsung / HTC one! A bloatware issue … A nice way to pass the blame though …
    The 4G SGS2 and XL is no different Hardwar or software wise to the 3G version apart from the Telstra frequency 4G antenna. I don’t see anyone else in the word having such delays.

  • Ray

    Bought my first Nexus about 6 months ago and never again will I buy a phone from a carrier – Telstra or otherwise. If it doesn’t come straight from Google then I don’t want it.

  • Angry

    WOW – Won’t buy a HTC again.