Ausdroid Podcast 045 — First Ever Video Cast Live Stream tonight 9:30PM AEDT

Hey everybody as always it’s Ausdroid podcast night. However we have a special treat for yall…. it’s the first ever Ausdroid Vidcast. We will be broadcasting live with video. Links and embeds etc will be posted tonight just before the show goes live, so stay tuned.

As always we are gonna break down this weeks news and bring it to you the only way we know how. So run down to your local bottlo, throw some snags on the barbie because tonight is going to go off. Join us at the new time of 9:30 AEDT and join in the banter.

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Lucas manages the Ausdroid podcast, and is responsible for much of the graphic design around the place. Without his work, we'd look and sound a bit dull. When he’s not making everything more aesthetically pleasing, he is hosting and editing the... (read more)

  • Andrew

    How come Ausdroid doesn’t do it as a G+ Hangout Air live Youtube uploady thingymabob?

    • Lachlan

      i do like a thingymabob. it’s almost as good as a whoseewhatsit!

    • Jason Murray

      That’s actually what we’ll be doing tonight. :)

      • Andrew

        Woo, that’ll be awesome. Must remember to set an alarm :-)

    • aw123

      I agree. listening to the podcast on a mobile/tablet is fiddly because the vidcast interface sux using a touchscreen. g+ would make it much easier.