Thursday , April 27 2017

Press image reveals Android’s new clock

While checking out the press releases for the new Nexus devices, and Android 4.2 more generally, I noticed this image. It appears that Google have given Android’s clock application a much needed overhaul. The lack of a world clock feature in Android up until this point has been ridiculous, and the hideous applications on the market almost drove me to learn to develop Android applications and make my own, so I’m glad that Google have finally got onto that.

One more reason that Android 4.2 will be rad, I guess. What little things about Android irk you? Let’s get some discussion happening, folks.


James Finnigan  

  • Ben

    This really warranted it’s own post?

    • KaiLim

      This most definitely necessitated its own post.

    • James Finnigan

      I think it did. It’s a nice clock.

    • Peter C

      I definitely hadn’t noticed it, appreciated it being drawn to my attention

  • mobuksh

    Dat clock.

  • Call me radical, but if I need to get a protractor out to tell the time, I won’t…

  • Glad that Google finally has a timer and stopwatch built into the clock app.

    • Sean

      It always has.. I use it all the time in 4.1.1 and before that too in stock ICS

  • Pete

    boo i need numbers on that clock 🙁

  • Pete

    also, how many alarms can you set on the stock alarm app? on my htc with sense 4 it’s limited to 10. sometimes a man’s gotta have more than one alarm to wake up.

  • playbii

    Awesome clock, I can totally read what that time is instantly.. cough. There better be digits on that in the future

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