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Today, Ausdroid received an invite to an event to launch the Samsung Galaxy Note II in Australia. Of course, we’ve already reviewed the Galaxy Note II but we had our review unit ahead of the product’s launch in the Australian market.

Ausdroid is just one of an exclusive number of tech media outlets invited to the launch, where attendees will experience creativity, performances and innovation, and of course, get hands on with the Galaxy Note II. It wasn’t long ago we went to another Samsung launch for their concept store in Sydney, and we had a good time there, too.

Samsung has been fairly quiet on whether the Galaxy Note II would officially launch in Australia, but seeing as how the original Galaxy Note was quite popular, perhaps this latest event was only a matter of time. While it isn’t in Australia yet, the Galaxy Note II is already available in Europe, Asia and the Middle East and was officially released in the US last week.

Much like the original Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Note II comes with an “S Pen” stylus that allows handwriting of notes and annotation of images and PDF files. It’s quite likely that the version to be launched in Australia will – like many other launches in 2012 – feature 1800MHz 4G compatibility, meaning you’ll be able to get your Galaxy Note II on with Telstra and Optus 4G networks.

Samsung announced in August that it has sold 10 million units of the original Galaxy Note worldwide. This is quite remarkable, given the dGalaxy Note was only ever thought to be a niche device.. guess that the phablet was more popular than initially thought!

Companies: Samsung
Devices: Galaxy Note, and Galaxy Note 2