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After LG announced yesterday that ‘Further information on offline availability in Australia will be available late November’ it looked as though carrier negotiations were going on in the background to bring the Nexus 4 out on plans as is normally the case. We have approached the carriers individually, so far we’ve seen Vodafone respond in regards to the Nexus 4, now Telstra has advised that they too will not be stocking the Nexus 4 or the 3G enabled Nexus 7:

At this stage we don’t plan to offer the Nexus 4 smartphone or the Nexus 7 3G tablet. Our customers are increasingly demanding a high speed mobile internet experience on their devices so we are focused on bringing 4G LTE compatible models to market.

Given that Telstra has a rapidly expanding LTE network it does make sense for them to focus on the LTE side of things. Although as myself and a large portion of Australians still don’t have access to either Telstra or Optus LTE at home I personally am not looking at LTE as a deciding factor when purchasing a new phone or tablet.

With an extremely low price point for outright sales on the Nexus 4 it will be interesting to see how this affects overall sales. We still have not seen what the pricing will be on the 3G enabled Nexus 7 in Australia. A number of people have mentioned that they are now looking at the LG Optimus G which is due in Australia at the beginning of next year which is LTE enabled so either way, LG appears to be a winner in all this. Is anyone looking at the Optimus G because of LTE and is anyone still looking at a 32GB 3G enabled Nexus 7?

Companies: Telstra