Thursday , April 27 2017

Vodafone gives Nexus 4 the thumbs down

It looks like Vodafone’s tradition of supporting Google’s flagship Nexus phones in Australia may be coming to an end. We’ve received word today from a reader that Vodafone has decided not to stock the Nexus 4.

Vodafone responded to a Twitter query from Ausdroid reader Mi7k regarding the newly-announced device, but also noted that the phone can be used should it be purchased outright.

We have no details about the reasons for their decision. It could perhaps be due to their past sales history with Nexus devices, or because the $399 16 GB price makes on-contract subsidies less important.

While we wait to hear from the other carriers, remember that LG told us yesterday they’ll have further announcements regarding offline availability towards the end of November. This may or may not influence Vodafone’s (and other carriers’) decision.

We’ve reached out to Vodafone for their side of the story and will update the post when we have more information.

Source: Vodafone.
Thanks: @Mi7k.

James Finnigan  

  • KaiLim

    That’s a shame… too bad their prepaid and plans suck too.

  • Well Vodafone haven’t had stock of the current Nexus for weeks and despite that still have them on display in their stores.

    I would have brought one yesterday, but they just don’t have them.

    So finally a new phone NON LTE version comes out that Voda could support and not have the issue that the Iphone 5 has of being 4g, but hey it is their business to ruin not mine

  • Milty C

    Yes, i think its the low outright price that they dont like. But still you would have thought this 3g only phone would have suited them since they dont have 4g.

  • Nick Bryant

    What with not stocking the latest phones, and the massive round of layoffs which will affect service levels, they’re bound to win back all that lost market share.

  • Just their way of running themselves into the ground.

  • dazweeja

    It’s possible that Google is also getting stricter with carriers about delaying updates to the Nexus line too, ie. not getting carrier approval or dramatically shortening the timeframe. They’ve dropped Verizon and Sprint in the US altogether this time around. If there’s only one model (in 8GB and 16GB variants but otherwise identical), then a Nexus phone may again be a true Google phone where everyone gets OS updates at the same time.

  • Tim

    Wouldn’t make a difference if they stocked it regardless. Wouldn’t work on their 3G anyway! Ha Ha

    • derp

      it will work for them as far as i can tell

      or you just trying to imply that their 3g is crap or something?

    • I saw it is DC-HSDPA+ which is great as it should work well on their new 3G+ Network rolling out. Saw the speed tests that The Age did where Vodafone 3G+ was getting some decent speeds compared to Telstra LTE in the Melbourne CBD.

  • TT

    Who cares Vodafail? Just waiting for ordering Nexus 4. Also Nexus 4’s price is cheap, so carrier can’t get a lot of bonus or something like that from Google/LG.

  • What about JB Hi Fi?
    Take a different tack selling the phone. Just sell it amongst the Tablets.
    Heck do a Nexus Bundle. Nexus 4 + a Nexus 7 or 10. Throw in an Amaysim.

    That’s what I’d rather. Phones don’t have to be this special thing only sold alongside a Carrier. They’re just another lump of electronics.

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