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If you’re on the lookout for a more in depth gaming experience on your Android device, then you may want to look at Arcane Legends, the latest MMORPG offering from the folks over at Spacetime Studios. It has been released as a beta from Google Play in Australia and Canada.

It’s the third in the series of MMO’s, set in a fantasy world where you have the choice of playing a Warrior, Mage or Rogue. Whilst it’s a nice rounded set of player types, the archetypes are gender/race set, and are limited in customisation. You also must choose a pet, which is a first in the Legends series, which will give you stat boosts and buffs, as well as helping you fight. Once you’re done choosing, you’re off on your quest to save Arlor from evil.


Being an MMORPG, Internet connection is essential. So be careful of your data limits.

So if blasting baddies with Arcane magic, slicing and dicing Warrior Style, or creeping like a Rogue is your thing, and you live in Australia or Canada, you can download the “Limited Release” of Arcane Legends free from the Play store right now. We should see a global release of the game on both Android and iOS in a few weeks.

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Source: Pocket Gamer.
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