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Australian owners of Samsung’s Galaxy S III have been waiting for the Android 4.1 “Jelly Bean” update for their devices for some time.

The Galaxy S III 4G recently launched here in Australia running Android 4.1, fueling speculation that the update for the older model device was imminent.

Google originally released Android 4.1 into the Android Open Source Project repository in July. Four months later – and with Android 4.2 now on the horizon – the update is closer than ever, but it depends on your carrier.

Let’s take a look at the status of the update on major Australian carriers:

  • Vodafone has the best news – 4.1 has passed second-round testing and is now entering “final review”
  • Telstra also has good news – they expect to approve the update tomorrow and have it released by November 19
  • Optus lists 4.1 as “expected mid-November”

At the moment, it looks like either Telstra or Vodafone will be first to market with this much-anticipated update, although as always the situation can change.

It’s worth noting that unlocked, carrier-free Galaxy S III’s have reportedly been receiving the update since late October, although I know a couple of people who are yet to receive it.

Update: Telstra’s update thread was hiding. The article has been updated as mentioned in the comments.

Have you already received the Jelly Bean update for the Galaxy S III? Let us know how you feel about it – or about not getting it yet – in the comments!

Companies: Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone