Tuesday , March 28 2017

Music and Movies coming to Australian GoogleTV owners on November 13th – Updated : Not coming just yet

Edit: Sadly it looks like they have either announced the countries incorrectly or have accidentally shown their hand early. They’ve updated the post, removing Canada and Australia and added the following apology :
We’re sorry for an earlier post that said we’re launching in more countries on 11/13, but stay tuned as we’re bringing Google Play to more countries all the time.
Who’s hoping they just tipped their hand early? – Thanks Phillip

We’ve gained a heap of extra content in the Google Play Store over the last 12 months, almost a year ago we got Google Books, earlier this year we saw Google Movie rentals arrive and just recently we got access to Devices, Magazines and Movie purchases. Now the GoogleTV, Google+ page has announced that as of the 13th of November owners of GoogleTV boxes in Australia, UK, Germany, France and Canada will be seeing Google Music and Movies.

Now, Google advised that Europeans would be getting access to Google Music on November 13th when the Nexus devices were announced last week, could this announcement this morning have been a slip up and a premature announcement that we too may be seeing Google Music on either the 13th of November or soon thereafter? I certainly hope so, with competing music services popping up from Microsoft and the already established iTunes store it’s hard to hold off purchasing digital music waiting on Google. Only time will tell, what do you think? Premature announcement or just a limited release to Google TV ahead of bigger plans down the track?

Source: Android Central, and GoogleTV +.

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  • Finally. Hopefully it isn’t just Google TV (I didn’t even know that was around here) and will actually be a full rollout 🙂

  • Chay

    What about to the regular app store? Will I be able to get music for my Phone/Tablet?

    • Chay

      Sorry, see you’ve kind of addressed that. Jumped the gun a bit…

  • Please be true!

  • Im still yet to see a Google tv box for sale in any stores.

  • derp

    Im interested but not at the same time.

    I dont have high hopes for a good pricing model.

  • Greg

    Looking at the post I’m about 80% sure that its a mistake – those countries (except Australia), already had music announced for them on that date. But those countries (including Australia) are the subset of non-US countries that are getting N10 and N4.

    • Luke Wiwatowski

      have to agree with you on this. Seems to me someone has misinterpreted the movies rollout in Australia for a music and movies rollout.

    God damn. I need this. If you want me to be an honest, non-pirating type person, give it to me.

  • Sean

    Waiting on a Google TV box with Miracast built in. I believe they’ll open up the Google Music playstore on 13th to mobiles/tablets as well to complement the low on-board storage of the N4 being released on the same day.

  • Sadly they have just announced they stuffed up! https://plus.google.com/u/0/106322104148750976656/posts/7csbnGFAJFA

  • lobie81

    An update for Google music just came through for my nexus 7. Maybe they’re preparing it???

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