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With the launch of the Nexus 4, I have finally had to start looking around at what I’m going to do in regards to my SIM card as the Nexus 4 takes a microSIM. A microSIM is a essentially a cut down Mini-SIM — anyone familiar with an iPhone 4(S), HTC One XL or Motorola RAZR M (for example) will have seen these before. Here is a comparison table to help you out if you’re not familiar with the SIM sizes:

Now there are various options around in regards to chopping down your mini-SIM to a micro-SIM however this can be a little dangerous. With the Nexus 4 being sold unlocked and plan free, the most obvious option for using the Nexus 4 is on pre-paid so how exactly can you get a pre-paid microSIM from the carrier you want? Most of the carriers will provide a micro-SIM card to you if you’re on a plan but if you’re looking at pre-paid then here’s what you need to know.


Optus offer this $2 micro-SIM pre-paid starter kit, I did have a little more trouble tracking down the micro-SIM kit as opposed to the miniSIM but they are around the place, I eventually found this one at Domayne but their shop fronts and kiosks also have the kits. You can see all the Optus Pre-Paid offers over on their website.


Vodafone offer a $2 pre-paid micro-SIM starter kit which you can purchase and get going relatively easily. The kits are available at places such as Coles, Woolworths, Domayne, Harvey Norman, Target in fact I’ve seen them just about everywhere so getting a hold of one of these kits is pretty easy and remember you can always just walk into their stores. You can check out all the pre-paid options for Vodafone on their website.


Telstra has no option to just go and pick up a $2 micro-SIM pre-paid kit like the other major vendors, they instead offer a $30 micro-SIM pre-paid bundle which includes 3GB of data. These kits are available at places such as Dick Smith, The Good Guys and Telstra. You can check out all the different Telstra Pre-Paid plans on their pre-paid mobile webpage here.

Colloquially, if you have an existing Telstra mini-SIM and you want to use that in your new Nexus 4, you may want to try visiting your local Telstra shop to see if they can do a miniSIM to microSIM swap for you. Some stores will do this for free, or for a minimal cost. Warning though, your mileage may vary – not every store will do this in our experience.

Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile also offer a pre-paid micro-SIM starter kit, however this kit cost me $4 from Target. Dick Smith had mini-SIM kits but nothing in the micro-SIM kits but stock may vary. As usual you can try the shop fronts as well. You can check out the Virgin Mobile pre-paid offers on their website.


Last micro-SIM pre-paid kit I found was from Amaysim whilst I was at Target. The kit was $2 and actually includes a mini-SIM which has a micro-SIM that pops out. There are a variety of ways to use your Amaysim SIM so check out their website to find out what suits you.

If you aren’t sure which pre-paid plan is for you, then head over to the Whistleout website and check out the various pre-paid offerings according to your needs.

Now if you’re planning on getting a Nexus 4 and using it on a plan, then you’ll just have to head on in to your carrier’s store and chat with them about getting a microSIM activated for your plan, or getting a microSIM cut for your existing plan, as the case may be.

Companies: Optus, Telstra, and Vodafone
Devices: Nexus 4