Monday , March 27 2017

Nexus 4 and 10 to go on-sale in Play Store later today according to Google Germany

Update : It’s far from official but there is some discussion on the Nexus 4 Whirlpool thread that indicates that orders will go live at 12:01am PST in the US which equates to 4:00PM AWST or 7:00PM AEDT.

If you’ve been trying to order your Nexus 4 and 10 in Australia so far you would have been left a little frustrated, the devices are still not up for order as yet despite having been November 13th for the last 6.5 hours. According to a post from Stefan Keuchel, a PR Manager at Google in Germany, the Nexus 4 and 10 devices will not be going on-sale in the Google Play Store in Europe till around breakfast time in Germany, if we take 7am as ‘Breakfast Time’ in Germany, in Australia that equates to :

  • 5pm in Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart (AEST)
  • 4:30pm in Adelaide (CDT)
  • 4pm in Brisbane (AEDT)
  • 3:30pm in Darwin
  • 2pm in Perth

I know many people who were up at Midnight waiting for the Playground to become Open, myself included however we will have to wait a little while longer. Google’s phone help line has not been advised at exactly what time the tablet and phone will be available for order and I still haven’t heard back from Google Australia as to the exact time for the launch so the above times really are rather rough. As soon as I hear anything, of course I’ll update here first.

Source: Stefan Keuchel Google+, and Android Central.

Daniel Tyson   Editor at large

Dan is a die-hard Android fan. Some might even call him a lunatic. He's been an Android user since Android was a thing, and if there's a phone that's run Android, chances are he owns it (his Nexus collection is second-to-none) or has used it.

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  • I’ll admit I was disappointed. Glad I called it quits at 00:30

  • Nils Mueller

    was wandering but. ill buy it when i get home from school.

  • dbareis

    Pretty bad they are not showing local time given they know exactly where you are (or opening at 00:00 local time). I assume its synchronised at 00:00 somewhere on the planet (probably in US)…

    • So it going to be 00:00 New York or Califorina time, so that 4PM or 7PM AEST,

  • motorwayne


  • What about breakfast time in Sydney? We have breakfast too!

  • zemm

    Got the AEST vs AEDT mixed up. Brisbane is standard time and the southeners are daylight savings time. I was up at midnight last night. And then I had a sick toddler so I was checking the site while cuddling him

  • If it doesn’t go on sale until 4pm then the likelihood of it shipping today is rather remote, meaning that they likely wouldn’t arrive until Friday/Monday :'(

  • drjacka

    I was waiting impatiently at 12:00am. Still waiting at work now at 9:30am. Does anyone know of any retailers who will have stock today??

  • Brad H.

    I’m in Adelaide, and I just refreshed the page at 9am local time, and they are now IN STOCK, and available to purchase.

    • Greg Bell

      Still says coming soon for me :(.

    • Brad H.

      Damn it, I was looking at the Nexus 7. False alarm guys.

  • peter__

    That’s everything you need to know about the difference between Google & Apple.

    If it was Apple there’d be sad people people queueing in the rain around the block for a precisely specified & localised time of availability.

    With Google similarly sad people (like me) wait behind a keyboard, furiously pressing refresh, but in the comfort of their kitchen for an ill-defined moment of availability.

  • Ron Sykes

    Is it just me or has the price gone up about $100

    • Luke Monahan

      Nope. You might have the $US prices in mind?

  • Please please let there be a music button on my play store at the same time….

  • lobie81
    • Daniel Tyson

      Weird, bricks and mortar stores are saying they’re getting it in. Have to wait a bit before jumping down that hole but nice find, cheers.

  • mg

    what time did the n7 go on sale the day of release?

  • Zac Barton

    Ordering is live. Just ordered mine 🙂

  • dibbz

    It’s on sale now, your predictions were wrong 🙂

  • Dim

    Its up for sale ppl…just ordered mine. Yippee

  • senhor roo

    They’re ON SALE NOW! RUN!!!

    • GreviousMcG

      What the hell! I thought it was going to be later this afternoon???

    • dan

      And then they were gone. N10 still there but no more N4… Sold out?

  • Evs

    I just ordered mine and its 11:30 am in QLD

  • adam

    just successfully ordered mine. whoooo

  • GreviousMcG

    Anyone here ordered the Nexus 10 yet?

    • Zac Barton

      Yea I got the 4 and 10.

  • Andrew

    Up now as at 12 noon Adelaide Time.

    Still shows the message on the right but allows you to add to Cart and purchase.

  • Well i guess there will not be music available on app store anytime soon. Just read an article that google made a mistake when announcing Australia and Canada

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