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Update : It’s far from official but there is some discussion on the Nexus 4 Whirlpool thread that indicates that orders will go live at 12:01am PST in the US which equates to 4:00PM AWST or 7:00PM AEDT.

If you’ve been trying to order your Nexus 4 and 10 in Australia so far you would have been left a little frustrated, the devices are still not up for order as yet despite having been November 13th for the last 6.5 hours. According to a post from Stefan Keuchel, a PR Manager at Google in Germany, the Nexus 4 and 10 devices will not be going on-sale in the Google Play Store in Europe till around breakfast time in Germany, if we take 7am as ‘Breakfast Time’ in Germany, in Australia that equates to :

  • 5pm in Sydney/Melbourne/Hobart (AEST)
  • 4:30pm in Adelaide (CDT)
  • 4pm in Brisbane (AEDT)
  • 3:30pm in Darwin
  • 2pm in Perth

I know many people who were up at Midnight waiting for the Playground to become Open, myself included however we will have to wait a little while longer. Google’s phone help line has not been advised at exactly what time the tablet and phone will be available for order and I still haven’t heard back from Google Australia as to the exact time for the launch so the above times really are rather rough. As soon as I hear anything, of course I’ll update here first.

Source: Stefan Keuchel Google+, and Android Central.
Devices: Nexus 10, and Nexus 4