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What you see above is the Over The Air update notifications for Android 4.2 to the Yakju build of the Galaxy Nexus and the Australian Nexus 7. This means that people who purchased the unlocked international GSM Galaxy Nexus should be seeing their OTA update over the coming days, the Takju build Galaxy Nexus phones started seeing their OTA updates arrive yesterday. This also means that people who purchased a Nexus 7 in Australia should be seeing the OTA update rolling out to their tablets shortly.

The screenshots show that the OTA for the Galaxy Nexus is 74.3MB in size whilst the Nexus 7 OTA is 80.6MB in size so make sure your Galaxy Nexus is on Wi-Fi if you don’t have a large data cap, of course it goes without saying you’ll need Wi-Fi for the Nexus 7. Let us know in the comments when you see updates for your device.

Unfortunately for those people who purchased the Galaxy Nexus via their carrier and have not unlocked and flashed either the YAKJU or TAKJU build of Android will have to wait for their respective carriers to first receive the update and then test it before it will arrive on your handset. If there is enough interest in the comments I will certainly look into producing a how-to guide on how to do this as it is very, very easy to do.

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Thanks: Geoff, and Buzz.
Devices: Galaxy Nexus, and Nexus 7