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Last night, the CyanogenMod team began tagging the source code for CyanogenMod 10 (Android 4.1) as stable. They took the time to note however, that the ‘stable’ tag really is only used for want of a better word — as I can personally attest, the nightly builds have had no stability problems.

Why is stable in quotes? Because that word does a disservice to the M-series and is misleading at worst. The word stable works great when discussing kernels, but calling this release ‘stable’ implies that the M-series builds were not ‘stable’, which is far from the truth. So think of this as stable, release, LTS, or M3; you pick.

Also in the Google + post, the team call for bug reports for the new builds and discusses Android 4.2. Now that Android 4.2 has been pushed to AOSP, CyanogenMod have started working through the code, deciding what needs to be changed to ensure compatibility. Also, the Android 4.2 version of CyanogenMod will be called CyanogenMod 10.1, rather than the perhaps expected CM 11.

Source: Google +.