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Users of our Forums will note that in the last couple of days they were taken off-line. Why? In short, the software running them had reached an age – and a vulnerability – whereby the forums were almost completely overrun by spambots, and virtually destroyed.

We’ve had an internal discussion about what to do with the forums – the previous ones are virtually irretrievable – and we’re somewhat undecided. Some of us think the forums could probably go, because there’s quality offerings in the form of XDA Developers and Whirlpool available to people who want to chat. Others think that Ausdroid’s forums were (and would be) popular, and that we should make an effort to revitalise them.

We want your say, because after all, you’re the ones who use them most. So, please complete our poll so we can guage the interest our readers have in keeping the Ausdroid forums alive.

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