Friday , March 31 2017

32GB Nexus 7 3G Now In-Stock on The Good Guys and Betta Electrical websites

Looks like the first retailers in Australia to offer the 32GB Nexus 7 3G are The Good Guys and Betta Electrical, who both have it listed on their websites for $399.

The Good Guys have the tablet listed on their website for pickup in-store or for delivery for $10 if located within a 40KM radius of a store.

The same model is also listed over on the Betta Electrical website with a shipping fee of $30 with no option for in-store pickup.

No word on whether the 3G enabled version of the tablet is actually available yet in-stores but when we checked with The Good Guys the other day we were told that an order had been placed so if they haven’t arrived yet then they most certainly are on their way. We’ll be double checking with both The Good Guys and Betta Electrical stores tomorrow regarding stock availability in-stores.

Despite being announced as being available to order in Australia on the 13th of November by Google in their Nexus 4, 7 and 10 Blog post on October 30, the 3G variant of the Nexus 7 is still listed as ‘Not available in your country’ on the Google Play Store, there has been no response from Google in regards to when it will become available there.

At the moment keep an eye on our Nexus 4, 7 and 10 buying guide to keep up to date on all the current places to purchase the latest in Nexus goodness.

EDIT : I have tried The Good Guys and Betta Electrical stores today, they currently don’t have stock in yet but expect delivery of their orders very soon.

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Source: TheGoodGuys, and Betta Electrical.

Daniel Tyson   Editor at large

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  • glennv17

    The more I’m picking up my Nexus 7, the less I’m using my Galaxy Nexus, which is now lasting longer (always had decent idle battery life) so I’m happier to tether than I used to be. Not regretting my decision to buy the 16GB Wi-Fi model after the 3G version was announced.

  • Tempted by this. Still trying to convince myself that tethering isn’t the best/cheaper option.

    • Jingles

      Why wouldn’t you just tether it? If you need to just get a larger data plan on your mobile and tether it. You are a retard if you don’t just tether it.

      • I just tether, it suits my needs fine, but tethering comes at a huge cost to your phones battery life.

        • Greg

          I highly recommend bluetooth for tethering – it can be left on all day without killing the battery.

          The max-speed is lower than HSPA, but higher than 3G, so its perfectly usable.

  • zelig

    Its on the Harvey Norman computer for $386. Guy at store yesterday said I could order it. I wasn’t so sure so didnt but now I see this I should have.

    • John

      which store?

      • Asked yesterday, none of them have stock yet, they said it’s coming hopefully this week

    • eviladrian

      HN Moore Park guy said maybe next week…

  • dick smith now have the the 32gb on their website

    • Cheers, we’ve updated our Nexus 4,7, 10 buying guide.

  • Any truth to rumours that both Telsta and Vodafone will not be supporting the device? If this is the case it will really suck coz I need decent internet and have been using Telstra for a few years

  • g_alahad

    Info I have been told. Phoned my local good guys store.NO good guys store has any stock after they phoned around.Not even the Australian distributor. I asked if I place the order how long before it would arrive Good guys said ” maybe 2 -3 weeks fingers crossed ” Local Harvey Norman phoned the Australian distributor and was told the by australian distributor would not land in Australia till 2nd week of december..

    • Adam

      Who is the Australian distributor? Maybe we could get an official response to post on this site.

      • g_alahad

        no idea but also told by betta no current australian stock available for their 3g nexus they are selling online. Wish betta and goodguys would make it clear on their website Like B&H that it is pre order and when it is expected to be shipped

  • klf

    Got the 32g wifi in harvey norman yesterday $316

  • Nexus

    Author, any latest update on this story?

  • Nexus 7 3G for $369 is a great deal. I was looking at 7 inch Samsung Galaxy 3G tablet for $319 plus delivery fee.

  • zelig

    Good Guys website say Stock available week commencing 3rd December 2012.

    • Marcos Bueno

      That’s a lie, I had bought it and was communicating with them to make sure I’d get it before going overseas (8th of December), but they said it will on;y be available on mid-late December. Them I had to request a reimbursement. Frustrating!

  • Marcos Bueno

    Any updates?

    The only place that is affirming to have in stock is However, it is in HK and I don’t trust them. There are several reviews saying that they often have something in stock when in fact they don’t, cauising serious delays in delivering the product.

    I’ve been looking everywhere for the 3G tablet and I’d like to get before flying to Japan on Dec 8. Ideas?

    • Marcos Bueno

      Is there any way to contact google to ask when it will be available at their play store?

    • jack

      Had on order with mobicity now for over a week as they said in stock but have been told couple of weeks at least for delivery. Means they don’t have stock

  • It’s listed on JB Hi Fi site with 3G for $367, and is listed as “coming soon.” Interestingly you would need to pay an extra $100 for a similar tablet the Samsung Galaxy 7 inch

  • Jason Harrop

    Just received this message from Kogan (23 Dec): “Due to global shortage in supply of the Google Nexus 7 (32GB, 3G) that you have purchased, we unable to fulfill your order for this product. Your refund will be issued within 24 – 48 hours. “

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