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At the end of September, Google stopped including a $25 Voucher Google Play Voucher and the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon movie with your purchase and it meant you had to spend real dollars to try out some of the different Google Play Apps. Well it seems Google has relented and you now receive some content. Google is including a Movie : Ice Age and some Magazines : Vogue Australia, GQ Australia and Tech Life for you to try out the Google Play Apps.

We’ve confirmed that the content shows up for a Nexus 10 and Nexus 4 purchased from Google Play and a Nexus 7 purchased from a retailer, however Ice Age does not appear to show up in the Play Movies app if you only purchase a Nexus 4. No specific reasoning we can think of but possibly a restriction by the movie studios on the use case for the Nexus 4 with Miracast on it? Although it still shows up on your Nexus 4 if you purchase a Nexus 7 or 10, so I really don’t know.

The offer is described as for a limited time and different regions are getting different content although the Ice Age movie seems to pretty standard across the board. In the US you get the most amount of content including a TV Show : Planet Earth and a large amount of singles for Google Music. Here in Australia we’re doing much better than France, Germany, Japan, Korea, Spain & United Kingdom who only receive Ice Age and no music despite having Google Music launch in Europe last week, they also do not yet have access to Magazines.

Not a bad little freebie, it’s certainly not as attractive as the $25 Play Store credit which gave new Android users a real leg up in terms of purchasing some decent paid apps, however it is something that can be used as a bit of a sweetener for people who are looking at purchasing their next device.

Is this content a reason to buy a Nexus 4, 7 or 10 over another device for you or is it just something of a sweetener?

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Source: Google Support.
Devices: Nexus 10, and Nexus 7