Wednesday , March 29 2017

Vodafone: Galaxy S III Jelly Bean rollout to commence Monday 26 November

Vodafone have just announced over at their blog something that Samsung Galaxy S III owners have been anxiously (and, perhaps, impatiently) waiting for. That’s right – come 1pm on Monday 26 November, Samsung will begin rolling out the Jelly Bean over-the-air update to your Vodafone Galaxy S III handsets.

As with most OTA updates, Vodafone advises this will be occurring in batches, so if you don’t get an update notification straight away, don’t panic, chances are you’ll receive it within the next two weeks, to make sure the OTA updates flying about don’t cripple networks and destroy things.

As a special bonus, we’ll have something extra exciting to announce at 1pm on Monday 26 November as well. Stay tuned…

As always, for more information on the update and the rollout schedule, check out Vodafone’s blog.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
Thanks: Our good mate Kieran at Vodafone.

Chris Rowland   Editor and Publisher

  • Now I can eat my Jellybeans. Finally.

  • Paul Walker

    Spare a thought for us fools that bought the generic S3 thinking we’d get updates sooner but in fact get updates after the carriers due to a cozy deal that Samsung have with the carriers!

    I’ve learnt my lesson. My next phone will be a Nexus. Shame on you Samsung!

    • Sean Royce

      Samsung is never the problem, it’s always the carriers, they need to get their fucking acts together if they want to hold on to customers, although most of the norm don’t even know updates occur.

      • Paul Walker

        But my phone is not provided by a carrier. I don’t see why I have to wait until the carriers have provided updates when my phone is unlocked.

        • Sean Royce

          This is true, agreed 100%, sorry about the late response, barely check my notifications.

  • Keith

    I wondered what was going on, thanks for the info Paul I didn’t know that was the case. The whole reason I purchased a generic S3 was to get the updates sooner not later – I’m starting to get over Android, but there is no way I’m going to IOS or Windows 🙁

  • I wonder if 3G+ is being unveiled on Monday?

  • Tim

    Paul & Keith: The carriers have to ‘prove’ that the firmware is ‘safe’ on their networks. So Samsung is unable to push out the Open firmware until it is approved. It sucks.

    My action, and recommendation to all, is to flash a UK (BTU) vesion using Odin, but at the same time – download the Aussie version of ICS) so that you can flash back if you have any hardware difficulties. Flashing the ROM via Odin takes more time to download the file (approx 500megs) than it does flashing. I think it took 5 min to flash and then 15min torestore my backup settings / files via Kies.

    Just remember to change your CSC to BTU to automatically get the newer updates when the UK pushes them. But Backup your settings as the CSC change will factory resetthe phone.

    I leant my lesson with the SGS1 and flashed the SGS3 as soon as I got it. So I have been lucky to getthe ‘patches’ when released and JB back in October.

    I do not believe their is anyway to track if you change the Firmeware – so long as it is an “official’ release. And you do not have to Root your phone.

    Check out


    • jason

      Hi Tim
      I didn’t know you didn’t have to root for official roms. Do you know if this is also the case with gs2? I ask a looking through forums about kernels etc is a bit much for my noob brain to handle

    • Paul Walker

      But if my phone is unlocked and not purchased from a carrier, why do I have to wait for my update to be “proven”. Is it because ALL carriers have to prove it?

      Like Jason, I’d like information on updating without rooting.

  • rmillsbkk

    My SGS3 is from Virgin and no update in sight…Bought my wife a SGS3 (red) from Kogan (ex HK) real cheap and it updated itself to JellyBean in October! hooked it up to kies and shows as latest firmware 🙂 next phone i will do that again for sure…forget from here…takes too long.

  • Almost French

    Downloading. 295.05MB.

  • dharm

    hi i got my jb update ,,,,,

  • PointZeroOne

    Anyone else having problems with contacts?

    All the numbers entered are like this 0400 000 000, but when I receive a txt or look at old txt msgs the number appears as +61400 000 000 and so they are not associating with the contacts any more!

  • I found that i had to use KIES to update to the latest JB update, as when i tried to use the built in option to check for an update, it told me something along the lines, that an update has been scheduled, and to check back later, which means vodafone had me in a queue, and i would get it when it was my turn.

    The update brings my android version to 4.1.1 not 4.1.2 as suggested previously, i also noted that my call log had lost its recognition of the contacts in my address book, and when someone called who was in my address book, it didn’t recognise them, and just displayed the number.

    Turns out i had to clear the cache of the contacts app, and this seemed to solve the issue, i also thought the phone was a bit sluggish as well, initially, but after a couple of reboots it either sorted itself out, or i got used to the new speed.

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