Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 4G landing on Telstra any day

Fans of Samsung’s larger-than-life Note series of devices will be excited to hear that the Galaxy Note 10.1 4G is coming soon to Telstra. How soon? Very. How do we know? An anonymous source, possibly within Telstra, has confirmed that the Galaxy Note 10.1 4G has appeared in Telstra’s internal inventory system, meaning availability for customers is literally just around the corner.

Ausdroid’s Tia Porter reviewed the non-4G variant of the Galaxy Note 10.1, and we’ve used 4G enabled variants of the Galaxy Note II, so combining the larger form factor with the much faster radio sounds like a winning combination to me.

As soon as we have further information we’ll update this post.

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  • Shaun Brown

    Not sure how many they had as they are now “out of stock” (for ONLINE purchases that have case and keyboard). Apparently you can order over the phone (funny that) BUT you don’t get the extras.

    Hello ACCC, yes another Telstra complaint about false advertising, I know….