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Telstra have once again posted news on their handset OTA update status. And, in a continuing trend, they bring some mixed news.

Good news for Samsaung Galaxy S II 4G owners, as the Ice Cream Sandwich update has finally been approved. Deployment is expected very soon, though no specific dates have been given as yet.

On the flip side, submission of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Jelly Bean update has been delayed yet again by Samsung and is expected to be made on 7th December. Telstra claim they’ll try to both test and approve this update in 1 version in order to expedite the process.

And for Samsung Galaxy S III owners, a new revision of the Jelly Bean update has been submitted by Samsung due to an issue being found by the QA team. This version is currently in testing by Telstra. In other words, it too has been delayed yet again.

Delay seems to be the word of the month (year?) from Telstra, as the HTC One XL Jelly Bean update has been delayed by HTC and is expected to begin testing by Telstra on 7th December. That “by the end of the year” expected release date is beginning to look unlikely.

Some good news for Motorola RAZR HD users, as the Jelly Bean update has been approved by Telstra and is expected to be pushed out by 17th December.

The Jelly Bean update for the Motorola RAZR M has been received by Telstra and is currently under internal testing.

Source: Telstra (Crowd Support).
Companies: HTC, Samsung, and Telstra