Thursday , April 27 2017

Telstra’s Note II 4G available from Boxing Day


When Samsung launched the Note II 4G in Australia on 14 November many people were disappointed that Telstra delayed their launch until ‘early 2013’. Perhaps in response to the negative feedback they received on their blog, Telstra today announced that they were able to ‘accelerate development’ and the Note II 4G will be available from Telstra stores commencing Boxing Day (26 December).

The Note II 4G has been available from grey importers for a while now, and from Optus and Vodafone for the past few weeks, but many people have been holding out to pick one up on a Telstra contract. As an owner of the Note II 4G on Telstra I can tell you it was worth the wait!

Source: Telstra Twitter.

Matt Booth  

  • burwooder

    Huawei is going to release a 6.1 inch 1080P mobile earlier next year, who cares note 2?

    • Sean Royce

      Wow legit? I haven’t heard about this one.

      • burwooder

        mobile phones update so quickly that 3 month old phone is not really new model. also, next generation phone should have 1080p screen as HTC has already.

  • burwooder

    its going to b a 6 wks old phone until 26/12/12, what a joke, telstra is selling this as a new one with useless apps

  • Chris

    Too little, too late

  • Anthony

    5.5″ screen – 1280×720 resolution……

    No thanks. HTC already have a phone that’s 5″ and 1920×1080 res. I’d rather take that thanks.

  • Dean

    Still no word. Come on Telstra, hurry up.

  • Nerak

    Yes, but if you ring up with questions about this phone, telstra staff still say it will be available in late January! Mention this post & you’ll be left hanging for long minutes & then you will be told that they may still not have any handsets on Boxing day! Also this phone will not be available on staff plan for ages. Promises, promises…….let’s wait & see

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