Thursday , March 30 2017

Motorola RAZR HD Jelly Bean Update now available OTA from Telstra!

A few days ago we posted an article regarding the Update Schedule for Motorola’s Android devices. Well now we have some good news for owners of the Motorola RAZR HD. Today Telstra have released the Over The Air Android 4.1.2 (Jelly Bean) update for the RAZR HD.

Have you installed the update already? If you have, please leave a comment below regarding your thoughts on the update to Jelly Bean.

Update: The Jelly Bean update is also available for unlocked RAZR HD’s as well.

Thank you to the Anonymous reader for tipping us about the RAZR HD update.


Adam Ricket  

  • Dan J

    Certainly runs smoother.

  • What about the Razr M?

    • Haven’t found anything regarding the RAZR M and according to the update schedule it will be Q1 2013

  • Well blow me down!

    A year ago, the very US centric Motorola only updated some US phones, and told the rest of the world to enjoy Gingerbread or ICS, because you ain’t getting anything else.

    It is nice that Motorola fans in Australia are getting a bit of Jelly Bean loving.

  • lobie81

    Unfortunately I’m away on holidays so i can’t apply the update (can’t afford the mobile data) will either have to wait a week our go and hang out at maccas for a while…

    The feedback sounds pretty positive so far which is promising…

  • It’s very nexus like. Standard keyboard, lock screen and heaps faster. It seems to use more ram than previous. I like it as I feel Motorola have the best mix of manufacturer changes to ui and stock.

  • Matt

    Can anyone supply me the build date? I installed the leaked copy last month that was on the droidrzr forums. Want to see if it is a different build.

    System Version of leak is
    Build Date
    Wed October 10

    • Hey Matt, I’ve put this out on the @Ausdroid twitter feed. If we get a reply (we don’t have a RAZR HD here) we’ll let you know.

  • JK

    System Version:

    Build Date:
    Tue Nov 13 20:26:35 CST 2012

    • Matt

      Thanks for that. In built updater says my version is the latest. Will have to track down the files to do a manual update


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