Monday , May 1 2017

Optus Samsung Galaxy S III receiving Jelly Bean OTA Now

SGS III - OPtus - Jelly Bean
The other day the Optus Update page advised that the Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III had been approved and was awaiting distribution by Samsung, well it appears that this rollout has now begun with many users tweeting us to advise they have received the update on their phones.

The update takes the software version from 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and is rolling out Over The Air now. In terms of release these OTA updates are generally staggered however the update is usually available immediately via KIES. If you would like to check on your device go to Settings > About Phone > Software Update > Check for update and see if it is ready.

Have you received your Jelly Bean update on your Optus Samsung Galaxy S III? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and remember we love to hear about device updates, so if you see your device receive an update let us know via twitter or email. Hmm, wonder if this means the Galaxy S II Jelly Bean rollout is also imminent?

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  • Brent

    Hope that means JB isn’t far for VM G3 owners.

  • Gerard Dunning

    Anyone on Virgin Mobile (Optus Network) got it yet?

    • Soulbro

      yup 🙂

      • Sharene

        Really??? You have it on virgin? Is your phone unlocked optus stock though or directly from virgin? I’m on virgin and there’s nothing OTA or on Kies 🙁

        • Phil

          Apparently Virgin members will start getting the update over the next few days.

        • soulbro

          Hi, my phone is unlocked optus stock, running a virgin sim

  • urbanpitch

    Waiting for the SII to get it. Would be a nice Christmas gift 🙂

    • Sean Royce

      It should be soon I’d hope, it’s definitely capable, and even should be for 5.0. I hope they don’t discontinue it. It’s a great phone still.

  • mid

    typical, just as mine heads back to optus for dropout analysis, they release the update I’ve been hanging out for

  • Peter Graham

    Got my update earlier this evening .. running very smooth.

  • dkjames

    received the update today, there are a few bugs! most annoying is when draggin and deleteing a homescreen or lock screen icon, touchwiz will crash.

  • Got the update last night. Can’t say I’m impressed with the battery performance. Before my phone would charge quickly, now it it take four times as long, and the battery just drains after just a few hours off the charger (15% in 2.5 hours, without doing anything stenuous on the phone). Hope this gets fixed soon.

    • Check Google Currents. If it’s running refreshes, you’ll need to turn it off.

  • Number55

    Updated this morn via kies… couldnt wait. Seems smooth to me… nice few little differences. Happy

  • Joe

    I’ll stick with CM10. Been on 4.1.2 for ages 🙂

  • moggyx

    Got sick of waiting, I was on XSA 4.0.4. Flashed the official Poland 4.1.2 version, lost nothing, runs like a dream. Get on board kids!

    • Sean Royce

      Same, on 4.1.2 jelly bean poland now from Sammobile. Loving the Note II features that have been integrated. I wish they could roll it all out at once, I am sick of fragmentation. It’s not even Samsungs fault either.

  • Rob Reid

    You can download the official file from I extracted the file and can confirm that Optus is using modem firmware version XXDLID. It’s all working very nicely with the latest CM10.1 More importantly CM10.1 been patched for Samsung’s root exploit discovered yesterday.

  • ammusingly, the official update seems to have its test flag on – go and check for updates again and it comes up as a modified device. Also the jellybean stock apps are missing – if you can, don’t bother upgrading and ring up optus and nag them to fix it. As for me I’m going to get it done under warranty since they stuffed up the OTA update.

    • dkjames

      James, what you do mean it has the test flag on what gave you the indication? I updated and have the issue i mentioned below but also battery is not charging, well barely charging…what a useless update. What can optus do if you ring them? I’m curious cause I might follow your path, its just ruined things.

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