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Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a few “bare bones” mobile service providers come up. Offering cost effective plans as “Sim Only” or “BYO Phone” deals, which are great if you purchase your handsets outright, or you have recently had a plan expire, and you’re happy with your handset. But what if you’re happy with being on plans so you can update your handset every two years? Easy monthly set amounts, and you get new gear. Yay!

Live Connected has recently begun offering some of the latest handsets on plans, including, the Samsung Galaxy S III, HTC One X, Nokia Lumia 920, and the Samsung Galaxy Note II. Running their service over the Optus Network, they also offer 4G data speeds (where covered by Optus). What they do focus on, is making sure that you’re not paying any extra for the handset. All of the handsets are $0 on all of the plans (starting at $50 a month).

Live Connected has hooked me up with a Samsung Galaxy S III and their Large Plan ($80 per month), to try over the next three months.

I placed the order online, simply selecting the phone and plan I wanted, filled out my contact details, and entered my credit card information. I received a phone call to confirm my phone choice, followed soon after by an email confirming my order. All of this happened in less than 90 minutes. The phones are delivered by courier, and should arrive within 24 hours, during the business week. I also received an email confirming that my phone had been picked up by courier, and another when it was signed for at my home (they do suggest having it delivered to a work address if that is where you are during the day). If you need help setting up your service and device, they also offer over the phone support, as well as a “Table” at their office in the inner city of Sydney.

I’ve ordered phones and services both online and over the phone before, but this was the most simple transaction and delivery I’ve had to date.

Some things to note. The phone comes with the battery charged, and the sim card installed. So the phone box is opened, and then re-packaged. But when you open up your package, you’re ready to go! Also in your package is a “Spare Sim”. This is just in case something happens to the sim in your phone. Having a spare sim that can be activated, means less time waiting for a replacement. 4G is available on 4G enabled phones, so unfortunately I won’t be able to test the 4G connection on the Samsung Galaxy SIII, but I will try it out in my own 4G enabled phone.

I’ll be using Live Connected for the next three months, and will be back to do another write-up about the on-going service in a few weeks.

Companies: Optus, and Samsung
Devices: Galaxy Note 2, and HTC One X