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We all know and mostly love the Green Android ‘Bugdroid’ that is Google’s official mascot for their mobile OS but according to Dan Morrill who used to be the Developer Relations Manager for Android that wasn’t the first mascot for the OS.

Dan recently cleaned out a NAS and found some old images which he himself created using Inkscape as a response to a lack of eye candy on slides that were going to be used to present information on the Android APIs to Googlers back before Android was even announced.

The 4 droids which were done up in the red, green, blue and yellow associated with the Google logo were dubbed ‘Dandroids’ by the internal team and saw a brief flurry of popularity within the Android development team but were apparently forgotten once Irina Blok presented the now familiar ‘Bugdroid’ graphic.

I personally like the Dandroids, but I much prefer the Bugdroid that we know and love. What do you think? Do you think the Dandroids could have been a better option?

Source: Google+.
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