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Since the Nexus 4 went on sale in the Google Play Store in Australia on November 13 it has remained frustratingly out of stock with unfortunately no news on when it will return, LG has cited unprecedented demand for the device as the reason that no local retailers have been able to stock the device as yet and now a thread over at XDA has started to piece together a rough estimate of exactly how many of the sparkly backed devices have been sold so far.

The XDA Thread has worked out the numbers based on a break down of the serial numbers from Nexus 4 devices sold to users on the forum. To get the manufacturing information you have to enter in your IMEI Number at the end of this URL :”IMEI Number Goes Here”
What is returned is something like this :
LGE960 AAUGBK 210KPED064804 20121031 GLOBAL/GLOBAL N N

This information has been broken down so far into this :
Device SN Break down
TechCrunch has found the latest built phone being :
“374110 28-th AUSGBK” indicating that at least 374,000 phones have been manufactured and distributed so far. Google does not comment on the number of Nexus devices sold, official numbers of Nexus 7s sold was only released by an Asus executive, so it’s not known if this is an accurate number but it’s a pretty good piece of work from XDA.

Plug in your IMEI and let us know in the comments when your Nexus 4 was made.

Source: TechCrunch, and XDA-Developers.
Companies: Google, and LG
Devices: Nexus 4