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Asus Nexus 7 Desktop Dock
The Nexus 7 dock has been like the unicorn of the Android world. We’ve heard about it, seen pictures, and you can probably get a poor-quality one from China, but since the release of the Nexus 7 in July of last year, Asus have kept mum on its availability.

Until today, that is. Asus has advised Ausdroid this morning that the Nexus 7 dock will be available in February from The Good Guys and BSR(Betta Electrical) for $49. No word yet on availability from other Nexus 7 retailers such as EBGames, Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi etc but we’ll be keeping a close eye on them.

We’ve waited a long time for this, people. Will any of you be joining me in picking one up as soon as they’re available?

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Companies: ASUS
Devices: Nexus 7