Friday , March 31 2017

16 GB Nexus 4 Out of Stock again on Australian Play Store


As we know by now, the LG Nexus 4 became available to purchase in the Australian Play Store again this morning. This afternoon, we noticed that the 16gb model has gone back to “Temporarily Out of Stock”. It’s lasted longer than 20 minutes this time, but still didn’t make it through a full day.

If you’re still after the Nexus 4 but don’t really mind whether it has 8 or 16 GB of storage, the 8GB model is still in stock for $349. Based on previous experience, this may sell out soon as well. Hopefully Google has learned their lesson this time around regarding Nexus 4 stock levels, but as always we have no indication from them as to when we can expect more stock to become available.

If you wish to buy the Nexus 4 from another country’s Play Store, you can check the availability status on the N4checker website. Shipping from other territories may be a problem, but we’ve seen comments today indicating that foreigners are ordering from the Australian store.

Don’t forget, the Nexus 4 also goes on sale at Harvey Norman tomorrow, although we’re hearing that their stock might be limited.


Adam Ricket  

  • Nils Mueller

    i call bs

    • Why’s that?

      • Jezz_X

        I would guess the BS is about people ordering it from other country stores

      • Nils Mueller

        dunno? maby its sold out again?

  • Josh Michielsen

    If you are looking to purchase a 16gb N4 from the US:

    1. Download TunnelBear and proxy to the US

    2. Refresh the Play Store

    3. Open an account at

    4. Purchase N4 using your new US address

    NOTE: To use an Aus Credit Card, simply add a new card but USE THE US ADDRESS AS YOUR BILLING ADDRESS – This worked for my ANZ Card

  • BB

    I kept trying to buy 16gb model since 10:30 to around 4:30 when status was updated as out of stock. Always got error message. Can someone here confirm if they managed to buy it after 10:30. I guess No!! Shame Google

    • Steve

      picked one up at 9:33 QLD Time, 10:33 AEDT. Initially tried to pay by AMEX and received same error, changed to different type and went through ok

  • BB

    I kept trying to buy 16gb model since 10:30 until it went out of stock at around 4:30 pm but always got error message. First I got ” An error occurred while processing your purchase, please try again later” then I start getting message ” Oops, There is a problem in processing your order, we are fixing it, please try again later.” Can some reader please confirm if they managed to buy 16gb model after 10:30 am.

  • F you Google

    I tried to buy a 16 GB Nexus 4 but got the same error, now it’s “Temporarily” (whatever that means) out of stock AGAIN! How many more months are we going to have to wait this time?

    If I am to believe the Play store there was stock while I was trying to order and getting errors. Now because Google don’t have their sh!t together I have missed out… AGAIN!

    Seriously? FU*K You Google is all I have to say, ant to LG FU*K YOU too! This is beyond a fing joke.

  • sempaxs

    I called harvey norman(ryde) this afternoon and thay said, they dont have nexus 4 in stock at the moment, all stock is already pre booked 🙁

  • Sheist

    If you live in Brisbane, forget Harvey Norman. Their in-store stock at all stores is nil. So much for it being available for sale starting tomorrow. I suspect the same goes for other major cities. Bundaberg and Maryborough list stock, but both towns are crippled by the flooding this week. I don’t see the value in paying the HN premium and having it shipped. You might end up paying more and waiting just as long as everyone else.

    After experiencing the same as others posted below with regards to the play store I’m a bit turned off the nexus 4 now. The value seems diminishing, perhaps wait for the next iteration from a more reliable manufacturer.

  • Billy 01

    Got mine from Harvey Norman this afternoon. Very happy I didn’t worry about play store.

  • dc244

    After trying to buy a 16gb model on the play store yesterday and once again getting denied due to ‘unknown errors’ when trying to check out – I walked into my local Harvey Norman and picked up a 16gb model on the spot a day before they are due to go on sale. Well worth the extra $80 to not have to deal with googles crap store again and wait who knows how long.

    • chris2kari

      You’re out of your frickin mind

  • Olt

    The UK Play store is (still) listing the 8GB and 16GB versions as still available, as well as the bumper cases…

    I’m not sure what options there are for ordering/shipping to Australia from the play store in the UK are tho (there seem to be more Freight Fowarders from US rather than UK)

  • chris2kari

    I’ve given up.
    The N4 is not worth the frustration. It will be outdated at Google I/O in May anyway…
    Since all other Android devices barring Nexus are lucky to ever get an update if ever then the only viable choice for a well constructed & well supported handset/tablet is an iOS device IMHO.
    Mr Harvey laughs all the way to the bank gouging fanbois an $80 premium above list price.. what a joke..

    • Steve

      Don’t forget Kogan, charging even more than Harvey Norman and I’m pretty sure GST doesn’t even apply to there’s

  • Just got an email from Google Play to say that my Nexus 4 (16gb) has just shipped. Woohoo

    • Bricki

      Got my shipping notice too…FedEx says it’s in HK!!

  • chris

    YAY shipping notice received. Should be here early next week.

  • the 8gb is sold out as well, they just haven’t updated their website. When you attempt to check out you always get a “An error occurred while processing your purchase. Please try again later.” error

  • auriaroman29

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